Shawn Edwards

Shawn Edwards May 26, 2017

The word that comes to mind is the Hebrew name “Barnabas” which means son of consolation or son of exhortation. If there was to be a female version of Barnabas, Miss Donna Blake would be the one.

Her timely and passionate yet encouraging daily insights are always welcomed. The words of wisdom transends all genders. The thoughts and insights are powerful, thought provoking and can evoke one’s inner person to take an introspective look in all aspects of their life and resolve to change.

The Scriptural references are truly inspired, Miss Blake masterfully weaves practical everyday scenarios with the inspired word to bring out the hidden yet sometimes obvious truths that creates that “AH HA” moment leading to a paradigm shift in one’s thinking.

Her passion is captivating, yet motivating, it shows in her daily narrative and her now cutting edge weekly radio show called “STR8 TALK” what you see and hear is authentic Donna Blake, she is by no means perfect but an Ambassador of the Most High who is constantly perfecting his will through her.

Donna she is an awesome Speaker, Presenter, Coach and Mentor, I have been encouraged and continue to be inspired by her ministry. I believe the best is yet to come for her as God continues to direct her to her purpose and destiny.

Mr S Edwards – Ontario, Canada.

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