Herman Cobham

Herman Cobham August 5, 2018

I first met Donna Blake in early March 2017 through my work, and upon speaking to her it soon became apparent to me that she is a young woman with a mission and a purpose in life.

What struck me immediately was her enthusiasm and energy and her commitment to serving God and helping others.

I also became aware that she is very driven and has a strong determination to succeed in whatever she does.

I have become an avid listener of her talk programme on Starr Radio UK on Monday evenings and have participated in the programme as a caller to the show. She covers a wide range of current topics and issues and is not afraid to speak the truth as she sees it – in relation to often quite controversial areas. The roster of distinguished guests Donna has had on her programme and the life lessons and positive messages and advice they have shared with listeners is testimony to Donna’s passion and vision for making a positive contribution to society and her desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

I believe that Donna’s mission is to help others to raise their awareness, to gain confidence in themselves, unlock their talents and abilities and enable them to achieve their dreams and ambitions in life.

I have no doubt that Donna will further develop her ideas and the enterprises she is becoming increasingly involved with and will be a tremendous success in the future,  and will continue to encourage and develop others to shine and reach their full potential.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Donna as a very effective and committed coach and mentor and would also be happy to recommend and encourage others to attend any events which she has organised or at which she is a guest speaker, coach or mentor. I have no doubt that it will be time well spent.

I wish Donna every success in the work that she is undertaking to help make a difference to people’s lives.

Herman Cobham

Former Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) Trade Union Official.

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